Global Economics and Management: Transition to Economy 4.0


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This proceedings volume contains research trends, issues and developments in global economics and management with particular focus on the digital postindustrial economy—Economy 4.0. Featuring papers presented at the Economic and Management session of the 2018 Prospects of Fundamental Science Development International Conference (PFSD 2018) held in Tomsk, Russia, this book presents new models, methods, analyses, and approaches to different sectors of economics and management such as tax policy, labor economics, econometrics, municipal management systems, and international finance, among others. The papers are related to three main topics:

  1. Theoretical approaches to the development of Economy 4.0, the construction of a postindustrial society, and their impact on the labor market, finance, public and social values. Innovative methods and models are mentioned as well.
  2. The creation and implementation of cryptocurrencies and block chain technology.
  3. Comparative analysis of regional and institutional economics in different countries such as Russia, China, the United States and the EU, among others. Regulation, supervision, accounting and economic security measures are also explored.

Featuring industry-specific case studies in sectors such as oil and gas, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, IT and ecology, this book is a useful reference for academics, students, practitioners, and scholars in economics.

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