Effective Management


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This brand new textbook has been designed to help your students to acquire or enhance their abilities in leading and developing themselves, others, and organizations. Grounded in the findings of both classic and recent management and leadership research, it translates the theory into rigorous yet practical advice so that students will have the skills to manage effectively and sustainably. The book takes an innovative learner-centric approach, structured around different levels of management from individual effectiveness, through to interpersonal effectiveness, and then team and organizational effectiveness. With a global focus, lively writing style, and an eye on current and future developments, it provides a succinct, accessible, and engaging look at what it means to be a manager.

Thanks to its extensive features from thought-provoking questions to global case studies, this textbook will provide you with all the necessary tools to run an introductory management course which prepares students for the managerial challenges of the 21st century.

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