Digital Asset Valuation and Cyber Risk Measurement


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Digital Asset Valuation and Cyber Risk Measurement: Principles of Cybernomics is a book about the future of risk and the future of value. It examines the indispensable role of economic modelling in the future of digitization, thus providing industry professionals with the tools they need to optimize the management of financial risks associated with this mega trend. The book addresses three problem areas: the valuation of digital assets, measurement of risk exposures of digital valuables, and economic modelling for the management of such risks. Employing a pair of novel cyber risk measurement units, bitmort and hekla, the book covers areas of value, risk, control and return, each of which are viewed from the perspective of entity (e.g., individual, organisation, business), portfolio (e.g., industry sector, nation-state) and global ramifications. Establishing adequate, holistic and statistically robust data points on the entity, portfolio and global levels for the development of a cybernomics databank is essential for the resilience of our shared digital future. This book also argues existing economic value theories no longer apply to the digital era due to the unique characteristics of digital assets. It introduces six laws of digital theory of value, with the aim to adapt economic value theories to the digital and machine era.

  • Comprehensive literature review on existing digital asset valuation models, cyber risk management methods, security control frameworks, and economics of information security
  • Discusses the implication of classical economic theories under the context of digitization, as well as the impact of rapid digitization on the future of value
  • Analyses the fundamental attributes and measurable characteristics of digital assets as economic goods
  • Discusses the scope and measurement of digital economy
  • Highlights cutting-edge risk measurement practices regarding cyber security risk management
  • Introduces novel concepts, models and theories, including opportunity value, Digital Valuation Model, six laws of digital theory of value, Cyber Risk Quadrant, and most importantly, cyber risk measures hekla and bitmort
  • Introduces cybernomics, i.e., the integration of cyber risk management and economics to study the requirements of a databank in order to improve risk analytics solutions for 1) the valuation of digital assets, 2) the measurement of risk exposure of digital assets, and 3) the capital optimisation for managing residual cyber risk
  • Provides a case study on cyber insurance

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