International Digital Marketing in China


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This book examines key issues in international digital marketing in China from a theoretical and empirical perspective. Divided into two main parts, it begins with an analysis of China’s cultural characteristics and business environment, with a particular emphasis on the Chinese digital context. The book goes on to present original empirical studies and an investigation into recent challenges and opportunities for international firms in the fashion sector.

With nearly 900 million internet users and an e-commerce market volume of over one thousand billion US dollars, China is the world's largest digital market. While this creates significant opportunities for international firms, there are many factors to consider when approaching this market. In order to understand the Chinese digital scenario, the book analyzes the characteristics of local internet platforms and consumer patterns.

The book also presents a real-world case study on a luxury retail firm operating in China,
Florentia Village, and the results from a questionnaire on Chinese mobile shoppers. On this basis, it provides a conceptual framework and discusses the theoretical and managerial implications for international firms operating in China, making it an enlightening book for scholars, students, and practitioners alike.

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