Teaching Adolescents With Disabilities:


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Teaching Adolescents With Disabilities is the gold standard for proven methods of teaching students with disabilities at the secondary level. Developed by one of the most respected research teams in special education, this resource provides teachers and administrators with detailed and practical knowledge of research-validated practices that have been effective for adolescents with disabilities. Aligned with current Individuals with Disabilities Acts (IDEA) and No Child Left Behind (NCLB) requirements, these proven strategies can break down the barriers to academic success, while opening doors to the complex curriculum of secondary schools.

Donald D. Deshler and Jean B. Schumaker are highly attuned to these students′ special needs, and the skills and methods required to teach them effectively, including:

  • Practical planning advice, interventions, and learning strategies
  • Tips for leveraging technology to promote student success
  • Strategies for planning transition beyond high school
  • Real-life examples and illustrations to facilitate implementation
  • Methods for designing instructional materials that maximize curriculum access and student achievement

With this resource, practitioners can gain the in-depth knowledge that will enable them to close the performance gap for middle and high school students with disabilities.

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