Death and the Invisible Powers


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[Bockie's] description of Kongo culture is vivid, beautifully clear, and absolutely authentic, as only a native could make it. . . . I don't know of anything of its kind that is both as good, ethnographically, and as readable. --Wyatt MacGaffey

Simon Bockie has written an engaging, often personal account of the views and behaviors surrounding death in his own society, the Kongo of Lower Zaire, northern Angola, and the Congo. --Cahiers d'Etudes africaines

. . . excellent book of Kongo religious life and thought . . . --Religion

It is a book that is remarkably well written, both for its readability and for its explanatory value. . . . the book is a superb starting place for understanding Kongo religion, and will work as an introduction to African religion in general as well. --International Journal of African Historical Studies

. . . an excellent introduction for anyone seeking to understand Kongo traditional culture and thought. --Oshun

Rich in anecdote and case histories, Death and the Invisible Powers is a personal account of the spiritual life of the Kongo people. It describes the ancient traditions that nourish a culture whose name symbolizes the heart of Central Africa.

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