The Future of National Infrastructure


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"Infrastructure forms the economic backbone of modern society. It is a key determinant of economic competitiveness, social well-being and environmental sustainability. Yet infrastructure systems (energy, transport, water, waste and ICT), in advanced economies globally, face serious challenges. For the first time, a leading team of researchers sets out a systematic approach to making long-term choices about national infrastructure systems. Too often in the past decision-making has been fragmented failing to look beyond individual projects to understand the ways in which systems function and deliver valued infrastructure services. This book shows how it is possible to devise and analyse long-term strategies for national infrastructure that are robust to uncertain futures and take full account of the interdependencies between energy, transport, water, waste and ICT. Great Britain is used as a case study to demonstrate how the methodologies and accompanying models can be effectively applied in a national infrastructure assessment. Lessons and insights for other industrialized nations and emerging economies are highlighted, demonstrating practical scenarios for delivering infrastructure services in a wide range of future socio-economic and environmental conditions. The Future of National Infrastructure provides practitioners, policy-makers and academics with the concepts, models and tools needed to identify and test robust, sustainable and resilient strategies for the provision of national infrastructure"--

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