Undergraduate ELT in Sri Lanka


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The book looks into the South Asian experience of English language education in the first decade of the 21st century by examining its policies, practices and perspectives in Sri Lanka. It discusses the evolution of English from the language of administration of the former South Asian colony up to its present and intended, although poorly implemented, status as a “link-language” in Sri Lanka. The official removal of English as the language of administration after independence, the twists and turns of its practice in various domains over six decades, and the views of today’s students and teachers reveal that there is more to English language education in a post-colonial context than current theories address. This book concentrates on what educationalists in English Language Teaching do, the goals that curriculum designers must capture, and how post-colonial attitudes towards English hinder the teaching of English as a second language. This book emphasizes that the general principles of teaching English as a second language need specific modifications at the delivery stage in South Asian societies.

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