Designing Information Literacy Instruction


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Designing Information Literacy Instruction: The Teaching Tripod Approach provides a working knowledge of how instructional design (ID) applies to information literacy instruction (ILI). Its "how to do it" approach is directed at instruction librarians in all library settings and deals with both face-to-face and online ID issues. No matter where an instruction librarian works, whom they are teaching, or what delivery mode they will be using, the ID process remains the same:

  • Start with the user and the user's needs.
  • Identify the instructional problem(s).
  • Develop outcomes that address these problem(s).
  • Use outcomes to drive both the learning activities included and the assessments used to measure the attainment of the success of the instructional endeavor.

This book will help instruction librarians create instruction for all types of environments and in all modes of delivery. It includes exercises and worksheets to help the reader work through the instructional design process. Based on Kaplowitz’s innovative Teaching Tripod model, it will help instructional librarians clearly define the crucial links between outcomes, activities and assessment.

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